#MKEBowling Logo Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to Greg Shutters, the designer of the '#MKEBowling Striking Out MS' logo! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a #MKEBowling logo! We genuinely appreciate your support. 

Contest Details:
- Design a t-shirt logo that includes "#MKEBowling" and "Striking out MS" 

- Design the front and back of the shirt, note: the back will also display sponsor logos
- Send a JPEG of your logo to 
mkebowling@live.com by Monday, April 26 at noon

- If your logo is selected a higher resolution image may be requested

The T-Shirt Logo Selection Committee is comprised of the event organizers and staff members of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

The T-Shirt Logo Contest Winner will receive an honorable mention at the event and a $50 Gift Card, PLUS it will be a great addition to your portfolio.